Course Structure of M.Com Course

Course Structure

 1st Semester:

Common to all

1.1 Business Policy analysis

1.2 Financial analysis.

1.3 Marketing Policy analysis

1.4 Business Statistics

1.5 Financial Markets


2nd Semester

Common to all

2.6 Economic Legislations

2.7 Organisational Behaviour

2.8 Operations Research and Computer in Business

Specialisation: Group-A: Accounting & Finance

2.9 A: Financial Management and Control

2.10 A: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Secialisation: Group-B: Management & Marketing

2.9 B: Human Resource Planning & Management

2.10 B: Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour


3rd Semester

Common to all

3.11 Research Methodology

Specialisation: Group-A: Accounting & Finance

3.12 A: International Financial Management

3.13 A: Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

Specialisation: Group-B: Management & Marketing

3.12 B: Industrial Relations & Labour Laws

3.13 B: International Marketing


Dissertation (200 marks=12 credits)

Compulsory for all:

4th Semester

Common to all

4.14 Strategic Management

Electives       (4 papers are to be selected: 100X 4=400)

4.15 Marketing of Services

4.16 Tax Planning

4.17 Project Management

4.18 Financial Services

4.19 Supply Chain Management

4.20 Basics of Micro Finance

4.21 International Business

4.22 Enterpreneurship Management

4.23 E-Commerce

Audit Course:

A student may opt for one audit (extra) paper which he/she has not opted as Elective from the Elective Group. This paper shall not be counted for award of grads.

NB: Each paper carrying 100 marks is equivalent to 6 Credits.